Marketing Expert Kelly McDonald on Attracting Customers: April 7th, 2016

Understanding the Needs and Values of Customers: Marketing Expert Kelly McDonald I’m crazy about out guest this week. Kelly McDonald, the CEO of McDonald Marketing wrote a game-changing book called How to Market to People Not Like You… and if there is only one book on expanding your business that you buy this year – make this one it! And if there is only one interview you listen to this year … [Read more...]

A Closer Look Radio – How Future Trendspotting Can Help Your Business with Eric Garland: April 12, 2012

How big companies are acting, and how small businesses can use that to their advantage Our favorite futurist - Eric Garland - returns! Turns out that some big companies are putting blinders on. Futurist and trendspotter Eric Garland explains what's happening with these behemoths, and how small businesses can take advantage of their actions. Plus, Eric explains how the 12-step program applies to … [Read more...]

Futurist Eric Garland tells us what to expect in 2011 and beyond: December 30, 2010

Our favorite Futurist returns - Eric Garland tells us what's ahead in 2011 and beyond Plus, we do a little swearing! I could think of no better way to ring out the old, and ring in the new, than with futurist Eric Garland! As always, we check out the trends awaiting us as we roll over this decade and enter a new era of localization. Plus - the ever-surprising Eric shares his experience … [Read more...]

Our favorite futurist returns – Eric Garland: September 23, 2010

Eric Garland is devoted to creating a world of future-focused leaders.  With his signature humor, energy, and quick wit, Mr. Garland pushes individuals and organizations to question assumptions, think creatively, and identify strategic business opportunities within an ever-changing environment. Mr. Garland is the author of Future Inc.: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s Next … [Read more...]