Speaking and Presentation Advice with Darlene Price: June 25th, 2015

Presentation Mistakes and How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety Presentation and Speech Coach Darlene Price Research with C-suite executives shows that one of the most sought after skills today is how to speak, whether it’s to big groups or small gatherings. Enter presentation and speaking coach Darlene Price, the author of the fabulous book Well Said! In our chat, we learn why it’s important that … [Read more...]

Champion Skydiver Jim McCormick talks Risk: May 8, 2014

How Intelligent Risks Will Make You More Successful! Jim McCormick Guests Who better to teach us about risk than a 5-time skydiving world champion? Speaker, business consultant, and author of The Power of Risk,  Jim McCormick talks with us about things such as actual risk versus perceived risk, identifying the opportunity, discovering your passions and determining whether your fears are valid or … [Read more...]

A Closer Look Radio – Author Scott Schwertly “How to Be a Presentation God”: April 21st, 2011

Are your presentations BORING?!?! When you make a presentation, your job is to move people, and anything less is merely wasted time. Presentations matter. We use them to convince others to do more, think differently or invest in our ideas. Ethos3 founder Scott Schwertly knows the different between a great presentation and a great reason for an audience to take a nap. You don't have to … [Read more...]

A Closer Look Radio – Navigating the Chaos to Make Better Decisions with Eric Garland: April 7th, 2011

With his latest book just about to be released, Futurist Eric Garland returns! How do we interpret what is going on in the world as to how it applies to our business? How will the nuclear reactor disaster in Japan affect us?  Will troops in Libya change how we do business?  And does it really matter to us what happens in the Ivory Coast? (hint: if you produce chocolate bars it does!) Always … [Read more...]

Emmy Winner Mark Scharenbroich : February 10th, 2011

Emmy-winner Mark Scharenbroich gives us powerful actions to improve productivity, increase retention and increase profitability. When Mark Scharenbroich stumbled upon the Harley Davidson company's 100th anniversary celebration, he kept hearing one thing.... "Nice bike." More than a passing compliment, it was a phrase that connected people. And through that experience, Mark found a powerful … [Read more...]

Pro risk-taker and skydiving champ Jim McCormick: July 22, 2010

Jim McCormick is an adventurer, professional speaker, engaging storyteller and leading authority on risk-taking. Among the experiences that serve as a backdrop for Jim's presentations is earning a skydiving World Record and skydiving to the North Pole. Jim is one of only 400 Professional Exhibition Skydivers in the United States. In this role, he has jumped into numerous prominent settings … [Read more...]