Historical Novelist Eve Karlin: August 6th, 2015

America's first murder trial City of Liars and Thieves with Eve Karlin It was the first recorded murder trial in American history, a case that changed the course of our legal system … and it involved Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr! We talk with historical novelist Eve Karlin about City of Liars and Thieves, a story of hidden love, rivalry and violence, centered around a murdered woman found … [Read more...]

Start a Business Revolution with David Pearl: October 3rd, 2013

Will there be donuts? Better business, one meeting at a time David Pearl Guests How many meetings do we go to that are just a waste of time? Most of them? Just seeing a meeting on our agenda for the day can be enough to make us roll our eyes and become dispirited. Because nothing really HAPPENS in meetings and they seem such a waste of time. Well.. except for the donuts. David Pearl knows … [Read more...]