Historical Novelist Eve Karlin: August 6th, 2015

America's first murder trial City of Liars and Thieves with Eve Karlin It was the first recorded murder trial in American history, a case that changed the course of our legal system … and it involved Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr! We talk with historical novelist Eve Karlin about City of Liars and Thieves, a story of hidden love, rivalry and violence, centered around a murdered woman found … [Read more...]

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch: February 7, 2013

In Memoriam: My chat with NY City Mayor Ed Koch Creating Buzz Ed Koch passed away last Friday and when I heard the news, I heard his brash and passionate voice in my head. I had interviewed him several years ago when his book Buzz: How to create it and how to win with it came out. He was funny and straight-forward, and full of life. And he had some smart ideas as well. I hope you'll take 15 … [Read more...]