Speaking and Presentation Advice with Darlene Price: June 25th, 2015

Presentation Mistakes and How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety Presentation and Speech Coach Darlene Price Research with C-suite executives shows that one of the most sought after skills today is how to speak, whether it’s to big groups or small gatherings. Enter presentation and speaking coach Darlene Price, the author of the fabulous book Well Said! In our chat, we learn why it’s important that … [Read more...]

Learn to Speak with Confidence with Darlene Price: November 8th, 2012

Solid Advice on how to give good presentations And speak in public Darlene Price Guests In business today, you've got no choice - you've got to be able to speak in public. Whether it's a power conversation or a keynote speech, connecting is more important than ever. Darlene Price breaks it down for us this week on the show. The author of Well Said, Darlene shares with us, point by point, what … [Read more...]

Getting it together in times of chaos – Resiliency Expert Jeff Vankooten: October 18, 2012

How we can become more resilient in a chaotic world with Jeff Vankooten The world seems to be moving faster every day and giving us a feeling of overwhelm. Resiliency is more important than ever if we are to survive, and even thrive, in all this chaos. Speaker and business trainer Jeff Vankooten explains what we are dealing with today, and how to hone our resiliency. Whether it’s our … [Read more...]