Entrepreneur Cookie Johnson on Believing in Magic: October 13th, 2016

Cookie Johnson talks about Believing in Magic! It's 1991. Imagine you have been married for only 45 days, just found out your were pregnant, and your husband comes home and tells you he is HIV positive. That's what happened to Cookie Johnson. In our chat we discuss how she felt, if she really thought it was a death sentence for Magic, and how she worried that the world would shun them. Plus – … [Read more...]

House of Secrets – NYT Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer

Bestselling author, TV host, and Renaissance Man Brad Meltzer talks about his latest thriller The House of Secrets Brad is back! This time with The House of Secrets, a story that centers around a man who is the host of a TV conspiracy show, his daughter who wakes up with no memory in a hospital, and a book about Benedict Arnold. Is it a book about Brad’s own life? In this chat, Brad shares … [Read more...]

The Story of “Kick” Kennedy, the Favorite Kennedy Daughter with Barbara Leaming: July 14th, 2016

Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy – the Favorite Kennedy daughter Award-winning biographer Barbara Leaming guests We have such a fascination with the Kennedys! So it's always a surprise when we learn something new about them. That's what Barbara Leaming does for us - as she recounts the inspiring, and tragic, story of Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy, the favorite Kennedy daughter. We find out what it was like to … [Read more...]

Natural Born Heroes author Chris McDougall: June 16th, 2016

War Correspondent and Natural Born Heroes Author Christopher McDougall Trained as a foreign correspondent for the Associated Press, Christopher McDougall went on to cover wars in Rwanda and Angola before he wrote his international bestseller Born to Run (which is being made into a feature film starring Matthew McConaughey!). Now his second book, Natural Born Heroes, is out in paperback and we … [Read more...]

New York Times Bestselling Author JoJo Moyes: June 2nd, 2016

NYTimes bestselling author JoJo Moyes She made fans around the world with her book Me Before You, and now JoJo Moyes is back with her latest novel One Plus One. In our chat we talk about why it's a good thing she cries so much, how she likes teenagers more than she expected, and how she worries that working hard won't always bring just rewards. Plus, she talks about working on the film … [Read more...]

Journalist and Media Expert Carmine Gallo: May 12th, 2016

Why some ideas catch on and others don't Carmine Gallo guests What makes some ideas stick and others fade away? Journalist and communications expert Carmine Gallo says it’s all about storytelling. Author of The Storyteller's Secret,  Carmine tells us how great communicators are made, not born, why he thinks Steve Jobs was the "whole package," and why Richard Branson has his team sit around a … [Read more...]

Smarter, Faster, Better – Journalist and Author Charles Duhigg: April 21st, 2016

Faster, Smarter, Better Charles Duhigg talks productivity Why do some people seem to be more productive than others? Journalist and bestselling author Charles Duhigg tells us why, and how we, too, can be Smarter, Faster, Better. In our interview we discuss how changing a chore into a choice altered military motivation, why psychological safety is so important to team building, and why our … [Read more...]

Amazon insider secrets with bestselling author Brad Stone: March 24th, 2016

The story behind Jeff Bezos and Amazon Journalist and author Brad Stone guests How did Jeff Bezos come up with the idea for Amazon? Who was the co-founder that you never hear about? What were some of the struggles that Amazon went through as it grew? And what sneaky trick did they pull on Toys R Us? We get the inside scoop from journalist and author Brad Stone about the company known as The … [Read more...]

International Bestselling Author Jeffery Deaver: March 17th, 2016

Product liability and The Steel Kiss Bestselling Suspense Author Jeffery Deaver In this interview with one of our favorite suspense authors, Jeffery Deaver not only talks about his latest Lincoln Rhyme novel, The Steel Kiss, but we also talk about the dangers in cloud-based and cloud-controlled appliances… such as your microwave, your stove and your refrigerator! Because Jeffery had a … [Read more...]

A Fresh Look at History’s Great Personalities with Claudia Kalb: March 3rd, 2016

Inside the minds of history's greatest personalities with science and medical journalist Claudia Kalb Did you know that Andy Warhol was a hoarder? That Charles Darwin suffered from social anxiety? Medical and science journalist Claudia Kalb takes us behind the curtain and into the lives of some of history’s greatest personalities in our chat, and gives us a better understanding of what they went … [Read more...]