Sales Expert Mike Weinberg: October 4, 2012

Are you getting all the sales you SHOULD be getting?
Sales Consultant Mike Weinberg guests

Mike Weinberg has over 20 years experience in sales and has been on thousands of sales calls. The author of New Sales. Simplified, Mike says that instead of waiting for a magic bullet, we need to get back to the basics.  We’ll talk about the reasons sales people fail at new business development, why lists are so important, and what the three parts are to his sales “hunting” strategy.  We’ll also discuss the Power Statement, why every company needs a clear mission, and what his favorite phrase is to use on a cold call.

Mike is featured in the October Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine.  Get an online peek here!

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About Mike Weinberg:

“I’ve been the top-producing salesperson in three organizations. Mentored in sales by dad, a sales genius, who was always a VP of sales in some big company, and later by S. Daniel Abraham, the founder and Chairman of Slim-Fast. Danny is the consummate entrepreneur and ultimate sales pro who let me do crazy things like buy and manage his Gulfstream jet and entrust the Wal-Mart account to me at the age of 25. After 20 successful years in sales, including five as a consultant and five serving as a senior sales executive for mid-size companies, I concluded in late 2010 that my true professional calling was consulting and coaching. Convinced that I could create more value for companies and better drive explosive NewSales growth from the outsideI made the leap and launched my current practice in January of 2011.”

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  1. Reading New Sales Simplified now. Only half way through and it’s awesome.

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