Professional Auctiontainer Letitia Frye: May 30th, 2013

 Charity Auctiontainer shares secrets of raising $100 million
Profile in Success: Letitia Frye guest

Benefit auctions are a huge craze and raise millions of dollars for charities. One of the most important factors that determines if an auction is successful or not is the auctioneer. Celebrity auctioneer Letitia Frye joins us to talk about what it takes to be – as she calls it – an auctiontainer.

Letitia tells us what goes into making a successful event and what moves people to give at a charity fundraiser. She also shares how to get people to connect to a charity and invest in it emotionally as well as financially. Plus, we’ll learn one of the secrets to her phenomenal success, and why she feels it’s so important to mentor.



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About Letitia Frye:

Currently celebrating a decade in the entertainment business raising over $100 hundred million dollars, combined with a lifetime in entertainment provides Letitia Frye with her unique brand of “auctiontainment.” She is a beautiful, elegant, multi-talented, bilingual (English/Spanish) woman who is a big success in a field generally occupied by men. She has an innovative flair, and treats each event as a “special” performance. Today, she is found on stage with some of the most recognizable celebrities in the world including: Actor JohnnyDepp, business legend Donald Trump, musician Alice Cooper, etc.

The scope of Letitia Frye’s fundraising at thousands of events nationwide includes: a diverse range of small, local first year events to concerts, golf tournaments, galas and the annual Superbowl “Legends for Charity” dinner. She has raised substantial funds for many charities including: St. Jude, Ronald McDonald House, Arthritis Foundation, Alzheimers Foundation, Autism, American Cancer Society, Equine Voices Horse Rescue, etc.
She is able to effortlessly combine her expertise in entertainment, fashion, fundraising and her humanitarian efforts to help so many in need, and make a difference in peoples’ lives. In addition, Ms. Frye is a motivational speaker and author of several books . She believes that passion is the secret to success in work and life.

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