Entrepreneur Cookie Johnson on Believing in Magic: October 13th, 2016


Cookie Johnson talks about Believing in Magic!

It’s 1991. Imagine you have been married for only 45 days, just found out your were pregnant, and your husband comes home and tells you he is HIV positive.

That’s what happened to Cookie Johnson. In our chat we discuss how she felt, if she really thought it was a death sentence for Magic, and how she worried that the world would shun them.

Plus – What challenges she faced as an entrepreneur, how she created a style for women that stores refused to carry and magazines refused to cover because she used the word “curvy” and what she is working on for the future.

It’s an uplifting story about a woman facing unbelievable challenges, who just wasn’t going to quit!

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About Cookie Johnson:

Cookie Johnson is a devoted philanthropist and, as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Magic Johnson Foundation, a passionate spokesperson whose focus is on addressing the health, social, and educational needs of underserved communities. She joins her husband, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, in the fight against HIV/AIDS by spreading the word on ways to help reduce new HIV infections in underserved communities, educating minority women about the disease, and providing helpful tools for prevention and testing. The Michigan State University graduate lives with her husband in California; she is the mother to their three children, André, Earvin Johnson III (EJ), and Elisa. She is the author of Believing in Magic.

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