A Closer Look Radio – Author Chuck Martin: May 19th, 2011

The third screen – how mobile smart phones are changing our world – Chuck Martin returns!

More than 90% of American have a cell phone, and it’s changing the way we live our lives and do business. The Third Screen author Chuck Martin, the CEO of the Mobile Future Institute, explains what the third screen is and how it will affect our behaviors. The mobile consumer is on the move and marketers and business owners will have to learn how and where they aggregate and how to interact with them. It’s a must-listen for business owners and managers!

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About Chuck Martin:

Chuck Martin is a New York Times business best-selling author, noted researcher, speaker and business strategist.

Chuck is the CEO of The Mobile Future Institute and Director of the Center of Media Research at MediaPost Communications Inc. Through his research and public speaking, Martin has been a digital pioneer in the interactive marketplace for more than a decade.

The Mobile Future Institute is a U.S.-based think tank focusing on business strategies and marketing tactics for a world gone mobile. The Institute and Martin are on the forefront of exploring mobile research, focusing on how marketers can most effectively reach users in this digital landscape.

As the Director of the Center of Media Research at MediaPost Communications Inc., Martin conducts, markets, and analyzes the intentions of media buyers and planners. The Center for Media Research provides a dependable source of research material to help media professionals identify trends and patterns in traditional and online advertising.

Martin is a former Vice President of IBM, where he ran a division responsible for business strategy solutions in the media industry, including publishers and advertising agencies.

Prior to joining IBM, he was the founding publisher and Chief Operating Officer of Interactive Age, the magazine credited with helping to define the interactive marketplace and the first publication to launch simultaneously in print and on the Web. He has been Editor-in-Chief of four national magazines and has been a journalist at five daily newspapers. He was Editor, Corporate Technology, of Time Inc., and was the Associate Publisher of InformationWeek Magazine.

Martin writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column on management and business issues and regularly appears on television business shows. He also teaches Marketing Research and Consumer Buying Behavior at the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire.

Chuck is a New York Times business bestselling author of  The Third Screen and The Digital Estate. He has also penned seven other books, including Net Future. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and ABC-TV News Now.

Here’s Chuck’s website: www.mobilefutureinstitute.com

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